Install Directory Change and Auto Update settings

Hi Team,

Could any one suggest the silent parameter for install directory customization.
And is there any way to disabled auto update for all users silently. If not, then the location where the auto update settings are being stored under user’s profile.

In Linux operating systems you don’t normally customise the install location for applications - apps are always installed into the system that manages that for you. It’s a security thing (and is one of the many reasons Linux doesn’t have a virus problem).

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve, and what operating system are you using (Neon, Fedora, etc)? Maybe we can suggest a course is action that is more sustainable.

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We are installing Kdenlive on Windows Platform.
and looking for a way to customize the installation directory and suppress auto update silently.

I apologise for assuming Linux - the KDE project is Linux focused and while the KDE (and adjacent entities) do make some applications available on the MS-Windows platform, this website - for discussions about all KDE stuff - is assumed to be about KDE Plasma on Linux - unless specifically stated otherwise.

I added the missing tags for you, to reduce confusion.

Regarding the Kdenlive Windows installer: according to the Kdenlive installation manual it is just a self extracting archive. I am not familiar with that installation but I’m sure the extractor has built-in documentation about it’s command line options. Have you tried running the installer exe in a terminal with the --help option?

I tried with --help , -help, -?, /help and /?
all above is triggering the installer.

Is there a way to disabled auto update for all users silently.
or where the setting for auto updates in being stored in Kdenlive version 24.02

I apologize, but I’m not familiar enough with Windows - or have it available - to even check.

I will try to summon Kdenlive developer @frdbr - maybe they can answer that question.

Sorry not familiar with Windows either, for this I would ping @Eugen_Mohr

The installer asks you if you like to install Kdenlive in C:\Program Files\kdenlive. Hence you can manually change the directory.


If you like to install Kdenlive on several computers maybe the standalone version is an option as everything is in 1 folder which you can distribute to several computers and copy it to a folder you wish. You can make a shortcut on the user computer pointing to kdenlive/bin/kdenlive.exe. More details see here: Installation — Kdenlive Manual 24.02 documentation

If you like to install Kdenlive on a Windows domain, follow these instructions: Installation — Kdenlive Manual 24.02 documentation.

There is no auto-update function in Kdenlive. With version 24.02.x Kdenlive asks you to check for update 6 Month after you have installed Kdenlive. But this is only a hard-coded message without further function behind.

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