Install Home Directory on Second Drive

I have just received a “new” computer and want install KDE Neon on it similar to the system I am working on now.

The new machine (like many these days) has three physical drives, an SSD and two hard drives. It was my intention to install the system files to the SSD and make that the boot drive, use one of the hard drives as the /home to store all my personal stuff and the second hard drive as a place to place back ups.

I cannot, however, figure out how to do this with the installer. The installer shows all three drives, but if I say to use the entire drive, it only gives me the option to partition one of the drives, not split the installation like I would like to.

I know there is a way to move a /home directory but honestly it seems like an awful lot of work to get to a place that the installer should be able to handle.

Can anyone tell me how to install my home directory to a separate drive from my /root directory?


during install you choose the method other or “something else” to get to the manual install screen with all the mount points in a table.

from there you should be able to select different drives and partitions as you see fit.

it may help to prepare the disks in advance using a live USB of gparted so the partitions you want out mount are already present when you get the installer step.