🎨 Introducing "Ephemeral Waves" for the KDE Plasma 6 Wallpaper Contest

Hello KDE Community,

I’m thrilled to announce my participation in the KDE Plasma 6 Wallpaper Contest. I’ve created a minimalist wallpaper that evokes the essence of a wave, a hill, or whatever your imagination sees.

:scroll: Why “Ephemeral Waves”?
The name “Ephemeral Waves” captures the fleeting and ever-changing nature of the design. It’s a visual experience open to interpretation, much like a wave that exists for a moment and then transforms into something new.

:rainbow: Color Variants
I’m initially releasing this in light and dark mode color variants. Stay tuned for more accent colors coming soon!

:triangular_ruler: Form Factor Friendly
The wallpaper is designed in a square format, making it adaptable to various form factors.

:wave: New User Limitation
As a new user on Discuss, I’m currently limited to uploading only one image. More variants will be uploaded as soon as I’m able to.

In the meantime, you can view all the images here.

:handshake: Let’s Collaborate!
Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. Let’s make Plasma 6 visually stunning together!


Lovely. May I ask you to upload to e.g. Nextcloud or GDrive the various pictures, to check them at full quality? If you need help, just send me an email, I’ll get in touch right away. Thanks!

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Hello niccolove,

Thank you for your kind words! After reading your message, I’ve updated my original post to include a link to my Google Drive folder where you can check out the images at full quality.

Here’s the link for your convenience: Google Drive Folder.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out. Thanks again!

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Now, I can upload more than one image. So, here they are: :blush:



And here’s the first one with an accent color from the KDE Plasma palette:

I hope you like them! If you have any suggestions, feel free to write!