Introducing the KDE Slimbook V, first laptop with Plasma 6

Slimbook and KDE today announced the KDE Slimbook V, a sleek and versatile laptop for those who appreciate the speed and power of state-of-the-art hardware and the flexibility and security of free open source software.

The KDE Slimbook V is powered by a top-of-the-line AMD 7840HS CPU with 8 cores and 16 simultaneous threads, allowing you to run your entire office, compile your code and provide entertainment when you need to disconnect, both at home and on the road.

The KDE Slimbook V makes the most of its 16-inch, 2560x1600 screen thanks to an amazing AMD 780M GPU. The 780M, one of the most powerful integrated notebook GPUs to date, packs a whopping 12 cores and RDNA 3, making playing the latest and most demanding games and rendering 3D animations a breeze.

On the software side, this machine installs KDE’s Plasma 6, the cutting edge of open source desktop environments. Stylish and configurable, you can make Plasma look like Windows, MacOS, or anything else you want, while still enjoying the flexibility, raw power, security, and privacy of a Linux-based software ecosystem.

Lightweight and easy to use, the new Plasma 6 comes with hundreds of applications for productivity, creativity and fun right out of the box. Whether you need to keep up with work or stay in touch via email, instant messaging or social media, Plasma has the software for you.

And when downtime rolls around, enjoy the system that Valve has endorsed as the best platform for gaming and multimedia.


  • AMD 7840HS, CPU 8 cores 16 threads up to 5.1GHz and 24MB cache
  • AMD 780M GPU, integrated but powerful, with 12 cores and RDNA 3
  • Webcam with physical switch
  • Full aluminium chassis
  • 16-inch display, 16:10 aspect ratio and 2560x1600px resolution, , 165 Hz refresh rate and sRGB 100%
  • Storage: 2 NVME slots. Starting at 250 GB, up to 8 TB SSD storage
  • Memory: Non-soldered. Starting at 16 GB, up to 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x PCIe 4.0
  • 2 x DDR5 5600MHz
  • Software:
    • KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment
    • LibreOffice office suite
    • Massive catalog of free software installable via the built-in Discover app store
  • Launch offer: €999

More features

  • Webcam with physical switch: turn your cam off easily and safely to protect your privacy
  • Elegant and strong aluminium chassis
  • High cooling solution with dual fans to improve thermal capability under extreme loads.
  • Lots of ports, including USB-C with DisplayPort and Power Delivery
  • Easy to use software, behaves like you expect, only faster and safer
  • All the security of Linux built into the system
  • Huge catalog of open source and free software. No licenses, no subscriptions, no compromises
  • Fast, lightweight environment and applications that keep your data safe and private
  • Full and free office suite, professional design and video editing applications, communication and groupware programs, social media clients, games

nice, 16" screen and full keyboard for a $1k price point.

it doesn’t say what distro of linux it is running… debian based?

@skyfishgoo I think is KDE Neon.
Is the only Operative System with it you can buy the laptop

Note: in web, has a discount of 200€ over the original price of 1.199€ and its available in pre-order with expected arrival of stock in April

KDE Slimbooks traditionally come with Neon.

That looks solid. 16" laptops are not really my thing, but it’s great to see more slim + iGPU + quality screen (hopefully) devices out in the market, I think this makes a great fit for office users and occasional multimedia consumers that care about portability. If build quality holds up and firmware isn’t unnecessarily sucking power or causing instabilities, this could be a great device for a lot of people.

One thing I wonder is about power delivery - it looks like it’s got a traditional power barrel in the back left in addition to the USB-C ports which are located more towards the middle of the left edge. So plugging in with USB-C power would mean the cable sticks out more compared to if it were colocated with the power barrel in the back. Not a deal-breaker though, and the price feels right for this class of laptop.

I also like that there are two NVMe slots, which means that one can safely go with the smaller 250G SSD initially and add another one instead of having to replace the original SSD and transferring data/OS to the new one.

Hm. The right-hand port selection and narrowing profile in the OP does not seem to match what’s shown in the only picture on the actual product page. Something’s off, it might just be the product page picture because the one on their corresponding Excalibur laptop product page look like the ones in this thread.

having two slots also means you can dual boot with easy setup keeping each OS on it’s own disk.

I think that shop page is using the wrong picture. There is better/more info at and especially at . Looks like it does come with KDE Neon btw.

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