blocked from Russia by

Hello! Could you please unblock for Russia?


We are not blocking Russia, rather Russia is blocking There’s nothing we can do about that


I’m able to ping and connect to 80 port with curl, but not with https. It looks like ban on your side.

Also I’ve tried other Russia providers and invent kde org works fine. So some providers are blocked. Rostelecom in my example. This provider is kinda huge.

Ah, interesting.
invent kde org resolves to which is some sort of hetzner gateway (and has many sites), so might be blocked by both sides, hm.

Could you please ask hetzner about ip? (or range) if it is blocked or not? (I’ll ask also, but they’ll answer to you faster because you’re client).


Hetzner declined to check it because I’m not a client. :frowning:

just posting a comment because i’m having the same problem. I use a local ISP and cannot access too, but it works with my mobile provider. I emailed the ISP and they said it is a ban on your side and provided the results of the ping monitoring (Free site availability checks all over the world: Ping-Admin.Com - web site and server monitoring. Site availability checks). It indicates that not all regions and not all providers are blocked, in fact, I think that the majority of them has access. It’s sad because I want to start contributing to KDE :frowning:

By the way, all other KDE websites and subdomains work just fine. It seems that only Invent is affected, which is kind of a huge issue anyway. And the category for reporting the issues/bugs for still doesn’t exist on Invent was also accessible about a month ago for me. That means the problem is fairly recent.

When I check the internet censorship (, I also check that was blocked definitely in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities), but the other countries (US, Germany, etc.) are still not blocking the website though.

For availability checks in Russia, click the link:

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Lets refresh this topic a bit.

Something blocked access from Russia to Hetzner loadbalancer. This might happen by many reasons. But lets face it, when you have many hundreds neighbors in the same room there is highly likely that someone doing something against law (like it happens when invent kde site sits on lb with hundreds other Hetzner clients).

So my point is. If Kde as organization would be interested to be more freely accessible to more wider audience it’d be better to think how to separate own services from untrusted and unknown neighbors.

There’re many ways of doing so. Right now I’ve two on my mind: own loadbalancers on personal IPs related only to Kde or several gateways from different hosting services. Pretty sure there’re many more solutions.

But when I see answer - sorry, we’re blocked by your goverment this isn’t way to figure how to fix the issue, this is just excuse do not to do anything about it.

Would a VPN work for access?

Finally fixed (somewhere, not sure where).

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