Invisible kdenlive shortcut

I am not sure if this is an actual kdenlive issue, but I have seen this happen twice now, and I wonder what might be causing the problem.

I am running the kdenlive-24.02.1-x86_64.AppImage on MX Linux. If I type in kdenlive in my menu, I see kdenlive show up. I want to create a shortcute so I right-click it. There are three choices:
Add to Favorites
Add to Desktop
Add to Panel

I choose Add to Panel. A shortcut is created with no icon. It’s invisible. If I click on the empty space, kdenlive starts as it should, but my question is: how do I get the kdenlive icon to show?

The actual command it executes is:
/home/user/Applications/appimaged-817-x86_64.AppImage wrap “/home/user/Applications/kdenlive-24.02.1-x86_64.AppImage” %F

…but I would like the kdenlive icon to show.

It’s got nothing to do with kdenlive in this case - it’s all between you and your panel configuration :slight_smile:

Unlike a packaged ‘installed’ app which will put an icon in some standard place your panel may look for it - the AppImage is (mostly) self-contained, so anything wanting to get an icon from out of it would have to first execute it, so it unpacks itself, then find the transient dir it unpacked into and look for an icon, which if it didn’t copy it, would then disappear as soon as you exit the app again …

So for an AppImage launcher, you’ll need to fetch an icon from somewhere yourself, and manually configure your panel launcher properties to use it. If you want something ‘smarter’ than that, you’ll have to talk to whoever maintains your panel code to see what they might be prepared to do.

Thanks Ron. Yeah, I didn’t think it would be a kdenlive thing. So my next question is, what is an easy way of finding / extracting the kdenlive icon (presumably from the appimage?). I can maintain the aura and mystery of the invisible shortcut too, so that’s an option :slight_smile:

Would these work?

Perfect! Thank you, berndmj! I have it pointing to the icon and it is showing up as it should. Another mini-crisis is solved.

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