Irreversible error during Neon update


I get an irreversible error when update to latest on KDE Neon:

Error while installing package: Trying to overwrite “usr/share/kwin/tabbox/thumbnail_grid/contents/UI/main.qml” present also in the package kwin-addons 4

I tried to update with pkcon

The system is stuck on command line and I cannot use GUI

I’m using Neon Testing Edition

We would need to see more of the error message. Unfortunately, pkcon hides a lot of the output when it runs apt.

But we can see the full messaging by using sudo apt update and sudo apt full-upgrade

I saw a few of the ‘overwrite’ errors when Testing migrated from the Plasma 5 git development track to Plasma 6 RC one. Luckily, this error is from an individual file moving from one package to another, and once we see which package it is, it is a fairly simple thing to fix.

I got also this, with apt update

I don’t see any “overwrite” errors in your photo.

However, another one does tell you what to do for a different one. You can shorten the “fix-missing” one to: sudo apt -f install, but do run sudo apt update beforehand just to be safe.

I just updated laptop that I hadn’t updated in well over a month, but I didn’t have any issues. Was hoping to replicate your error.

In any case, I submitted a bug report:

Thanks for collaboration