Is it normal I can't do clipboard redirection with KRDC in Wayland?

I opened a bug report just in case, but is it not working in Wayland right now?

You can expect this kind of issue in Wayland for a while with remote-desktop and virtualization software.
Clipboard integration is highly tied to the display server, and in X11 any app can do whatever it want (like taking screenshots or reading/editing the clipboard), whereas in Wayland you need to have some reason to have access.
This isn’t easy to change, so it might take a while to get this implemented in KRDC.
In the meantime, I’d recommend you to stick to X11, if that clipboard redirection is important for your workflow.

Thank you for reporting the bug, it will serve to document the issue for devs and other users until it gets fixed.


Can I use KRDC in XWayland to use the clipboard?

What about X11?
It doesn’t work in X11 too. Bug report with ID 484666.
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