Is it possible to change speed or length for several clips in the same action?

I see to change speed or length of one clip on timeline.
But I would like to change speed or length for several clips, like 10 ou 30, in one action (same speed or duration for each) instead of doing 20 actions?
I don’t find it, is it possible on Kdenlive please?

I’m afraid this is not possible

Ok. Instead I change duration before putting clips on timeline.
It would be nice to have the fonction changing lenght of several clips in one action. For animation (frame by frame), we have to change length of 20 or 50 pictures or more (one frame, two frame, 4…).
Maybe the nice developpers will do that when they have time, I hope.

No , It’s not possible

You can ask for this by creating a bug report on and adding “[Feature Request]” to the title …