Is it possible to get a deterministic link to KIO slave mount?

I’m using KeePassXC and would like to include a shared database from an SMB mount. This works fine as long as I don’t reboot. However, with each reboot, the link to the mounted file changes. It looks like this: /run/user/1000/doc/56b810f0/my-share.kdbx.share. The problem is that the 56b810f0 bit in the middle is different on every boot.

Is there a way to get a deterministic path here? I’ve looked at kioclient to maybe automate this with a Systemd user unit, but it doesn’t appear to have a mount command available.

Don’t use the internal path to the kio-FUSE mount, which is what you’re using. That isn’t deterministic, and can’t be.

Instead, use the smb:/ URL path to the file. like smb://my-share/my-share.kdbx.share or whatever. Then whenever a non-KIO-using app accesses this path, kio-fuse will make it available via a new fresh non-deterministic path, but it won’t matter because that’s just under-the-hood stuff.

Edit: this is wrong; kio-fuse won’t be involved because the app used to open the file (keepassx) isn’t a kio using app, so kio-fuse won’t get used. So never mind, sorry.

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Yep, that’s exactly the issue. I filed a bug report.