Is it possible to manage Virtual Desktops independetly on external screens?

I’m on Plasma 6.0.4.

The way Virtual Desktops work today is to switch to the same VD on all screens simultaneously.

This behavior dramatically disrupts my workflow since I want to switch to another VD only on the screen I’m working in, with the other screen remaining unchanged.

Is there a way to achieve what I’m looking for?


you would need to extend the display, so that you can push
windows from one screen to an other.
most probably you are in unify output mode.

you can find the setting display configuration in the system tray.

As to you question, no as far as I can tell VD do not go independently,
but you can achieve what you wanted by extending screen layouts.

You may be looking for something like this: (note: I haven’t tested this, your mileage may vary).
This kind of feature is not yet built into kwin, so kwin scripts like this one are the way to go for now.

This! It works close to what I’m ideally looking for!