Is it possible to put window on multiple but not all desktops?

I notice that we have the option to move a window from one desktop to another or on all desktops. But is there a way to have it on 2 out of 3 or more for example? - or 3 out of 4 or more?

I also notice that if a window is set to appear on all desktops, I cannot use desktop grid to move with left click that window out from one of the desktops. A window can be there moved across desktops only if that window appears only on one desktop. Am I missing something there?

I don’t think there’s a way using keyoard shortcuts, however you can right click the title bar of any window (or alternatively press Alt+F3) and, in the “Desktops” submenu, select any desktops you want the window to appear on.

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On X11 windows can only be on one or all desktops.

On Wayland windows can be on arbitrary desktops, like @firlaev-hans described.

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Shortcuts can be used to send a window to a specific desktop. But I have omitted the fact that I’m in X11.

This is the first time I can identify a reason why I might need wayland :laughing:
(But the huge number of custom shortcuts I have is still keeping me back.)