Is it possible to start Elisa music player in tray?

Elisa has option to display tray icon when clicking close window. I can setup Elisa window to start minimized, but I want to get Elisa start in tray. Is there any way to get this ?

I don’t use Elisa but I believe this has been asked by many. Dunno if it’s possible yet, but you could try kdocker. You’d start elisa with kdocker elisa.

I searched this issue before ask, but no one asked before … I tried running with kdocker, elisa starts in tray but when I click “close” window icon, elisa starts its own tray instance and icon … In Strawberry player there is option in preferences to start in tray, but Elisa don’t have such option …

Been asked since Elisa was introduced. Anywho, I installed it for the sake of it and I can’t reproduce the issue you’re describing.
There are a couple of players who do have the option to start in tray, guess Elisa isn’t one of them.
In either case, right clicking the tray icon and click close from the drop down menu closes Elisa.
Not sure what you mean by clicking the window close button since it’s in the tray I enabled titlebars and clicking the close button on that just closed the window.
I added kdocker elisa to autostart, no issues.
I tried kdocker with a bunch of applications, no issues.