Is Kaffeine still the preferred software for antenna TV?

Maybe I’m late to the party but I recently picked up a HAUPPAUGE WinTV-DualHD after watching a video where they showed using Kaffeine to record the shows on a Raspberry Pi 4. I’ve got Kaffeine version 2.0.15 running pretty well and have been able to record a couple of shows but I noted the most recent version was 2.0.18. I tried to update but the Pi said I was current. I’ve also seen that Kaffeine isn’t supported anymore so I’m wondering if there is something else I should consider? BTW, Kaffeine is my first introduction to KDE applications.

Although Smplayer plays stream ( better than vlc imho), the option to record is no longer there by default. So, as far as mainstream goes, for example, VLC can do it. As do some…But vlc is the first one that came to mind. Ps: you also might have a look at ytdlp.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll check into it. I recorded the Tonight show with Kaffeine but I was seeing some screen tearing across Jimmy Fallon’s face using VLC for playback so having a better player might be helpful. But I haven’t really started trouble shooting yet.