Is Koko intended to be a photo gallery app, or just an image viewer?

I was going to submit a couple of bugs to request some photo gallery features (making albums, displaying all photos chronologically in a single view) to be added to Koko, but then noticed that the about text says “Koko is an image viewer for your image collection.” However, the GitLab and Flathub pages both say that Koko is “An Image gallery application”.

So, is Koko intended to act as a photo gallery, or general image viewer? If it’s the latter then are there any KDE photo gallery apps that work on mobile?

I think it is intended to also be a gallery app.

Thanks, I’ve added a few feature requests to the bugzilla page

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This is a bit OT, but it seems to me that every image viewing app wants to be a photo gallery app.

I gave up and wrote my own app to be nothing but an image viewer.