Is network connectivity for any purpose in #Kate problematic?

422444 – Support for LanguageTool is about

support for kate.

The second response, 422444 – Support for LanguageTool, states that

Sending text to some online service is not what we want and running that locally as server is out of scope for us.

does precedent exist for this? LibreOffice and VSCode have this functionality. It seems strange for this to be disagreeable. Consequently, soes anyone here agree, perhaps? If so, why?

The thought of my entire document in Kate being scanned by an online server to spellcheck it is quite frightening. What else will it do to the document? Check it for WrongThink? What if a word in my document means one thing to me, but means something else to someone in another part of the world? What if a misspelling of a word is actually a word in another language with an entirely different meaning? Will the authorities show up moments later? We all know that ANYTHING we put on the internet is forever.

This is a big reason I don’t advocate the use of online programs like Microsoft Office 365. Even if they work very well, and they do, the lack of privacy is unacceptable.

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It’s beyond “problematic”. I can’t believe there are such things even on Linux, but I’ve encountered them. It frightens me how completely disregarded privacy and security have become.

Even if they had a huge warning about everything you type being sent to a third party, most people don’t understand why that is bad to begin with and thus will just click “accept” like they always do no matter what it asks.

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I have absolutely no idea how either of you could possibly form opinions like those, but thanks lots for the responses.


How come running a local server is also problematic?

422444 – Support for LanguageTool did mention

It supports both on-line (text sent to their server) and off-line (sent to local installation) functioning

which is elaborated upon at

Or do you both fundamentally dislike spell checkers…?

Probably better if they create LSP service Kate can hook into. I don’t see this kind of thing ever being built into Kate itself.

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I have no problem with local spellchecks and use them daily. I just don’t want to have my data spellchecked by a third party.

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That’s actually what I thought they were discussing. Thanks, @akselmo. If nobody else has mentioned it there, I’ll suggest that.

Good to hear. I can understand that, @WilsonEPhillips.

You can self-host LanguageTool (I do) or even run it locally (I did, but it takes quite a bit of space).


I recently installed LanguageTool on my home server and connected both LibreOffice and KMail to it and it works like a charm.

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