Is Qt Project Throttling Package Downloads for Non-Paying Users? 🤔

Here’s what I observed: When downloading packages for the open-source license, the process has become unbearably slow, often taking up to 30 hours to complete. However, when using the online installer under a trial Qt license, all packages can be downloaded in as little as 5 minutes.

Can anyone verify on their end if they are also experiencing the same issue?

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Qt online installer uses mirrors, so bad mirrors can lead to bad speed.

Bad mirrors? Regardless of my home computers or one spun up on a cloud provider like vultr I am getting terrible download times unless I am downloading using a trial commercial license.

That’s 40 hours right there.

Here is a install using a trial commercial license.

  1. Minute to download everything they offer.
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Can confirm it’s slow as hell and looks like it doesn’t use any mirror. But I haven’t tried a trial Qt license.

I don’t think they direct people to their mirrors for some unknown reason. I was getting really horrible download speeds. Try a few of these to see if they produce better speeds: Qt Downloads

I contacted them, and they said they are, in fact, throttling the connections for the open-source downloads, and paying customers receive priority access. And I was directed to try some of the other mirrors if the download speeds were not up to my expectations.

Are you referring to what was discussed here?

If so, were they specifically saying it’s a conscious throttling effort, or that they maintain separate methods for their commercial business and their OSS project, as they were saying there? (And it sounds like there isn’t really a great method for automatically finding mirrors or setting them in the installer interface?)

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The official installer doesn’t use mirrors, and the mirrors that are available are not maintained by The Qt Company. They throttle the downloads from their own server for anyone that isn’t a paying customer.

This can be verified in the installer and also here at the mirrors. Qt Downloads

United States Open Computing Facility, University of California, Berkeley

United Kingdom University of Kent UK Mirror Service

Japan JAIST Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Japan Yamagata University

The Qt Company is doing the absolute bare minimum that they have to under the Kde agreement. See this Why do we give so much power to the Qt Company when they don’t actually own Qt? - Help - Discuss (

Why didn’t they post that two weeks ago?

Put Mirrorbrain or a CDN in front of the server, job done. They’re just greedy.