Is there a Poweraccent-like script for inputting accent characters?


My question is the same as the title. Inputting special characters like à, ï, ê by long pressing the key and using space to choose is really convenient. So, does anyone knows if there’s a similar tool on Linux? Or, can Poweraccent be implanted to KDE?

Yes it’s the “compose” key. You set it in the “adanced” tab in keyboard configuration.

It exists since X11

BTW it seems that Poweraccent doest’nt work the same way that the Compose-key.

You have to press simoultaneouly compose and the character modifier, then the final character.

[Compose]+’ then a => á
[Compose]+, then c => ç
[Compose]+a then a => å
[Compose]+/ then o => ø
and so on…

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Indeed, the compose key is the currently supported way to do this. We did at one point try out a thing like what you’re asking for, and it got all the way implemented, but ended up being abandoned because it wasn’t implemented in a way that was scalable, stable, or sustainable, and the process of building it exposed fundamental flaws in the way input methods are handled that needed to be fixed first. And unfortunately, that never ended up happening.

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Thanks! I’ve tried. It’s a little different but also easy to use.

Thanks :blush:. There‘re more considerations and restrictions than I’ve ever thought of. It’s really systematic.