Is there a way to theme/stylize Kirigami?

I’ve been thinking ways on how to contribute to Kirigami. Maybe make it easier to work with and things like that. However, I want to try and make it capable with theming, and there’s one thing I want to ask before I try anything with Kirigami.

Are there any abilities to customize the appearance Kirigami components kind of like what Qt Widgets allows? Let me clarify with an example. In the image below, is there an existing or planned way to change the rectangular appearance of the chips using some config file? Maybe make the corners rounder or change the rectangle into a parallelogram? Add inner or outer padding, etc?


I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but I just want to make sure if there’s something that may allow this functionality currently or in a pull request somewhere, just so I don’t waste my time making some completely new feature from scratch or that may be rejected.