Is there any way to restart XWayland without closing session (and restarting kwin_wayland)?


I have Intel GPU and NVidia one (NVidia optimus laptop) — GTX970M.

If I start Plasma Wayland session on my laptop (openSUSE Tumbleweed) with


disabled, system runs with NVidia power switched off. But XWayland started without NVidia GPU registered, so only Intel GPU works. If I just enable those files and make sudo modprobe nvidia — XWayland kinda sees NVidia GPU, but vulkan can’t initialize it properly and doesn’t work.

If enable those files quit session, run sudo modprobe nvidia — GPU power is switched on and after logging in again — NVidia GPU is working fine under XWayland.

I’d like a way to restart XWayland without restarting while kwin_wayland session (and all apps with it).

Another option is to run second XWayland (DISPLAY=:1 ?), but I think that’s even more complex.

So, is there any way to do this?