Is this code in intentional?

Hello! I’ve been doing some digging through my menus files for some tweaking, and noticed this near the top of (at /etc/xdg/menus/)
Is this intentional? It looks like the comment has been ignored entirely.

If you look further “out” in the tags there, it looks like it’s a section to describe a particular menu category called “Applications”, and that sub-section is all wrapped in “Not” tags…so I’m thinking that’s a comment to describe the intent of the code (e.g. “Don’t put YaST in the ‘Applications’ menu”), followed by the line to actually put that into effect?

(Just a guess, that code apparently predates the history available on the site!)

				<!-- Don't list non-KDE core applications -->
				<!-- Don't list SUSE's YaST in here -->

That’s definitely what this section does, but I’m not sure that’s what the comment means. I interpret these comments as instructions, not descriptions of the section’s function, because the only comment below this is an instruction specifying which files to include in the Science directory.

			<And><!-- Include /any/ Science app which is not an Education app -->