Issue with Open with showing options no longer installed

I am running the latest openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE Plasma (fully updated) and using Dolphin as the file manager. The issue I have its that if I right click on an HTML file and use the ‘Open with’ option it shows several entries for an appropriate program but several of these are no longer installed on my system. How do I remove these entries from this menu?


do these other uninstall applications also appear in the Application Menu?

you can right click on the menu icon an Edit Applications, to just try deleting the icon from this list.

i’ve had entries persist after uninstall where i had to resort to deleting the icon from ~/.local/share/applications/ and restarting.

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I had already removed the items from the Application Menu. Removing the items from .local/share/applications/ folder has removed the offending entries from the ‘Open with’ menu.

I think these items did not get removed as the actual programs were manually installed not via zypper etc. Hopefully if these are installed in future by zypper any icons like these would be removed automatically by the uninstall process.


i use apt for my package manager and it can sometimes leave behind icons as well.

it’s probably a developer dependent thing as to how well an uninstall operation does it’s clean up and the package managers have no control over that.

just speculating.

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That partly depends on how you installed, and more importantly, removed the programs.

That depends on the packager and what they put in the preun and (more (- but still -un-)likely) postun scriptlets.

Obviously, because you are keeping your oh-so-secret-application names a squirrely secret, nobody can tell you if this is actually that case or not.

I was not keeping anything secret as there were a number of programs in the list which are not needed and were no longer installed. I got the answer I needed to remove these menu items.

Actually I did explain these were not installed from a package but manually (using a tar.bz2 file) containing the run time code. Also as they are not part of the KDE family so I thought the actual names were not relevant. The main culprit was actually several installs of Waterfox browser which has no install/uninstall other than the bz2 file.


Oh yes - it was clearly written right up there in the title…

now, I am assuming that your “uninstall” was to delete the directory… Although, as you have decided to keep that a secret, we can only assume that…

If you don’t expect files to be removed from other directories when you delete a different one, then you can safely assume that your stated assumption as to why the files/links were not removed was the correct one.

Since the package does not contain a .desktop entry to enable “open with”, you at some point chose to do so; at which point one was created in your .local directory structure.

Deleting files that you created or instigated their creation by an action or choice, are for you to remove.

As an aside, the latest version available packaged by a community member for OpenSUSE ( G6.0.7 ) does contain such a file, so you would not have run headlong into this issue.