Issues with the Panel in Plasma 6... Windows cannot Cover

Manjaro pushed Plasma 6.0.2 through to testing branch today, and it’s quite a big change. Some things are, indeed, improved.

Most concerning one for me is the regression…

My first symptom was that when launching conky, I have separate instances for a Clock (always on top) and then the date, a network traffic graph, Disk indicators, and a small note telling me the date of the last snapshot, and the last backup - then reporting RTCWake time if set.

Now I found all these windows were fixed ON TOP, not respecting the below setting until I removed the dock window type from the setting.

Is this a deliberate decision?

On to the panel, unfortunately.

Since using Gnome2, I treasured several features in docks/panels.

  1. I want my systray available by default, not autohiding, not covering windows unless I mouse over the panel to focus, and not dodging any window which comes within a 200 pixel range. The panel should not be rendered inoperable by a vertically or horizontally maximised window.

  2. Dodging windows is fine, as long as the panel flips to the front when the mouse arrives at the screen edge.

  3. Windows being able to cover docks is fine, but windows going underneath docks is insane IMHO - having also tested this with GlobalMenu, I am confident that the panel should only come forward when the mouse arrives, and it should not prevent windows from being vertically maximised.