Issues with X11; compositor bugs out (anything opened is black sometimes)

I have a question regarding X11 and the compositor. Now, I never had this issue before where the compositor would bug out sometimes and anything opened (even context menus and newly activated panels) would turn black. Forcing me to have to kill kwin or plasmashell.

I understand that Xorg is also on life support by this point. Could this be the reason for Xorg seemingly beginning to bug out more as newer versions of the KDE desktop are released? I would like to use Wayland, but certain things are sort of unstable (I was using it recently to see how far it has come along; seems like it has improved quite a bit as my fonts are rendered perfectly now).

It’s mainly migrating over to Wayland and working out the kinks. Such as getting Flatpak apps not to call for libraries (or whatever) belonging to X such as XCB; that, and finding a viable option for remote desktop that works on Wayland (really hoping Rustdesk will support Wayland fully soon). I heard the KDE devs were putting more of their focus into Wayland too.

Anyway, as bitchy as my bro is when it comes to his nitpicking and experience with Linux, I agree that Xorg is pretty ancient. But it has been stable thus far.


I’ve similar case: using X11, and many windows sometime are black; it could be a complete window or just a menu…

This doesn’t occurs to frequently to being blocking, but problem started I think since I’ve migrated from my Debian 10 + KDE to KDE Neon…
Can’t really tell what is the origin of problem; just know I never got this before migrating to KDE Neon


I heard Latte Dock could be causing the issue. I mean, it only happens on my PC and the TV PC my mom uses sometimes. Both use Latte Dock. But all the other computers running KDE Neon don’t have this issue. Do you use Latte Dock by per chance?


No, I don’t have it installed…

I still need to upgrade plasma from 5.26 to 5.27 but I’m not sure it will change anything.
I have NVidia drivers, I read somewhere it could be a problem, but didn’t dig this yet.


I see. Well, I don’t use Nvidia anymore. Had too many issues. So, I use AMD. And I use Plasma 5.27 and I still get that issue with compositing. This started to happen when I upgraded to 5.26. Because I don’t remember 5.25 having this issue.