It would be nice to have an 'Exit' button somewhere

I really like the connect app, works flawlessly for my purposes, sending files to my phone or computer has never been easier. But I think that the app could use an exit button to kill itself in the side menu, or even (maybe optionally, so people won’t miss click) in the notification. Also I don’t think that autostart after boot is a good idea, it would be great to have on/off option for that, but otherwise, I really appreciate what you’re doing.


Agree. My use case for KDE Connect is as a remote media control so I only need it occasionally, and it’s a slight annoyance that it just keeps being open even after I close the app and the only way to stop the thing is to force-kill the process in system settings.

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Mobile apps tend not having an “Exit” button, since their “running” state is not that clear. But I think it can have a global on-off switch in the main UI, or per-device.


by exiting, i meant killing the app

For an example of this, take the Adguard Android app. It has a switch indicating the status of the background service responsible for most of the app’s functionality.