Itinerary: new data source available (PL, Koleje Dolnośląskie)

This might be interesting: General Transit Feed Specification - GTFS | Koleje Dolnośląskie Koleje Dolnośląskie is making their data available in GTFS format.

That is indeed interesting, in particular since this also seems to include a GTFS-RT realtime feed. And good timing, as until recently we weren’t able to consume this as this is for a server-side routing engine, not for client-side apps.

But since FOSDEM there’s a collaboration between a bunch of FOSS apps needing such data (Itinerary, KTrip, GNOME Maps, Transportr, etc), adding those feeds to this repository would make them available for everyone. This page shows what’s already covered.

Reported: Add Koleje Dolnośląskie (Poland) · Issue #1034 · transitland/transitland-atlas · GitHub