I've started using KDevelop

Up until recently I’ve been using Spyder as my primary Development tool, at least for Python, Bluefish for the occasional bit of PHP.

But I decided to give KDevelop a try.

I’m actually discovering features about KDevelop that I like much better than Spyder. For one thing KDevelop comes with a built in Terminal, to get the same affect with Spyder I have to launch a Terminal and other ancillary Apps separately

So now I can launch those ancillary Apps, as I need, for example Qt Designer, from with in the IDE, just select a .ui file and I can open that file in the Designer and edit the layout, or Blufish for HTML, and of course the Terminal is available directly from with in the IDE.

The only issue I have is the Terminal opens in my Home directory, and not the current working Directory.

Also I am getting the odd crash, clearing the qmlCache seems to fix the problem, but it is anoying.