Juk player does not open in a specific user account


I can’t open Juk player 23.04.1 when using my main user account on Arch Linux. When I run ‘juk’ in Konsole, the text cursor just goes to the line below the ‘juk’ command and nothing else happens. No error message. I have also deleted the /home/my_username/.config/jukrc configuration file, but the problem persists. I can open Juk in another user account. Any idea on what is going on and how to fix Juk in my main user account?

Thanks for reading.

In fact Juk takes ~5 minutes to open and then feeezes.
I have filed a bug: 469719 – Juk takes ~5 minutes to open and then freezes

In general, when some program works normally on a new user account (from your post, I assume you’ve tested this), but doesn’t work on your normal user account, 9 out of 10 times there is something wrong with that program’s config files.

A well written program should be able to recover from reading a malformed config file and continue execution with default settings, but very often this is not the case. A newly created user does not have this config file, so the program typically reverts to defaults.

So, look into your main user’s ~/.config directory and delete all config related to that specific program.

Please check whether there is another juk process already running on your main account

I can reproduce even without another juk process running.
Thanks for your comment, Nicola.