Kalendar vs Merkuro

is there any hope of this application ever working properly?

i’ve enabled kubuntu backports and backports-extra and all the packages associated with kalendar are up to speed as they can get for me on 22.04.

but the app still does not work properly

  1. creating a new event results in
Error while trying to create calendar item. Error was: Invalid parent collection

a bug report was filed but i’ve received no updates on it.

  1. and then there is the constant afternoon local time wrong day thing where once past 12:00pm local time the day skips ahead to the next day in the kalendar app and the now/today button no longer works (my regular clock and calendar from the system tray is fine).

do i need to wait until i can install Merkuro instead, because that package is not listed when i search for it using the repos i have access too.

if there is another ppa i could add that would help, please let me know


Please link it.

I think I remember this thread. Will try to look into this tomorrow (to tired now).

Sorry no idea about *buntu. Maybe consider rolling distros. They have been great for me.

linked above

tia for any info you can provide.

it’s really not worth switching distros over, but if there is an easy fix i would love to know about it.

having a calendar function seems like a pretty basic thing to have in a OS, i mean my phone has one.

Then, you seem to have an Akonadi database issue – please execute from a KDE Plasma Konsole CLI:

 > akonadictl fsck 2>&1 | grep -iE 'found|no RID'
 > akonadictl vacuum

Strange – it’s been working quite OK for me for a few years now – organised as one Akonadi iCal directory resource per year –

 > LANG=C du --human-readable --total .local/share/apps/korganizer/
96K     .local/share/apps/korganizer/2012
600K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2013
1.1M    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2014
788K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2015
708K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2016
416K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2017
612K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2018
564K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2019
720K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2020
684K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2021
1.7M    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2022
15M     .local/share/apps/korganizer/2023
104K    .local/share/apps/korganizer/2024
20K     .local/share/apps/korganizer/2025
20K     .local/share/apps/korganizer/2026
20K     .local/share/apps/korganizer/2027
23M     .local/share/apps/korganizer/
23M     total

On the other hand, it’s been running for the last 11 years on SuSE / openSUSE systems …

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for the first command

Found 0 external files.
Found 0 external parts.
Found no unreferenced external files.
Found 0 parts to be moved to external files
Found 0 parts to be moved to database
Collection "Search" (id: 1) has no RID.
Collection "OpenInvitations" (id: 2) has no RID.
Collection "DeclinedInvitations" (id: 3) has no RID.
Collection "inbox" (id: 13) has no RID.
Collection "drafts" (id: 14) has no RID.
Collection "trash" (id: 15) has no RID.
Collection "templates" (id: 16) has no RID.
Found 7 collections without RID.
Found 0 items without RID.
Found 0 dirty items.

looks like i’m in dire need of RID (whatever that is).

for the second command

vacuuming database, that'll take some time and require a lot of temporary disk space...
optimizing table SchemaVersionTable...
optimizing table ResourceTable...
optimizing table CollectionTable...
optimizing table MimeTypeTable...
optimizing table PimItemTable...
optimizing table FlagTable...
optimizing table PartTypeTable...
optimizing table PartTable...
optimizing table CollectionAttributeTable...
optimizing table TagTypeTable...
optimizing table TagTable...
optimizing table TagAttributeTable...
optimizing table TagRemoteIdResourceRelationTable...
optimizing table RelationTypeTable...
optimizing table RelationTable...
optimizing table PimItemFlagRelation...
optimizing table PimItemTagRelation...
optimizing table CollectionMimeTypeRelation...
optimizing table CollectionPimItemRelation...
vacuum done

it did not take any time at all (in case that matters).

could this be the problem?


i’ve uninstalled korganizer

installed korganizer

didn’t change anything

well, it changed one thing… after a reboot my pim events no longer bring up kalendar but instead bring up korganizer which is not nearly as good/clean to use.

now how do i get back to kalendar?

Here: <https://github.com/KDE/kalendar>

Hmmm – it seems that a group of KDE PIM folks (some well known … ) are working on the Kalendar project …

  • And, it’s using the KDE Kirigami Framework …

i check my version of kdepim-runtime and it 22.04, not 22.08, probably because i’m still running kubuntu 22.04 with backports enabled.

if i upgraded to 22.10 would that give me access the newer version of the PIM dependencies?

i found this link

Have you tried uninstalling korganizer?

well that does get me back to kalendar instead of korganizer, but kalendar still has the error message.

when i changed my update preferences in discover to normal rather than LTS, after a restart i now have an “upgrage available notice” and button in my system tray that will upgrade my system to 23.10

and i’m super tempted to take it.

but now i’m confused on what’s the difference between 23.10 and 22.10

Back up your important data first!

I am just glad I am rolling and don’t have to deal with all that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Pinging @claydoh I think he is the expert on updating and updating issues on Ubuntu based systems. Maybe he can help.

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Not 100% sure on that one, but…

I do NOT recommend this. I think this a bug in Ubuntu’s upgrade systems, as skipping releases is completely unsupported, except for LTS-to-LTS ones. 22.04 has no upgrade path until 24.04 is released. Thing are very likely to break.

Not possible, as 22.10 is past EOL and its archive has been mothballed.

I was going to suggest using the new kubuntu-backports-extra, but that does not provide a newer kdepim stack, at least not at the moment. Then I also noticed you already added this, anyway. The ‘regular’ kubuntu-backports is what has upgraded you to all the 22.04.3 kdepim packages from the stock stuff in a stock *buntu Jammy.

I don’t understand what you want to do. You can still install Kalendar alongside Korganizer, or uninstall the one you don’t want to use. Both are using the same infrastructures under the hood.

You might be better in stopping Akonadi, nuking all akonadi, pim, and related user configs, and try setting up things from scratch, if you aren’t already tied to Kmail or anything already.

I am not familiar with kdepim or akonadi anymore, it has been ages since I used any sort of PIM suite. You probably need more developer-type assistance on this one.

alright thanks for the advice.

i’ll just stick with 22.04 and backports, maybe the 22.08 packages will show up at somepoint… unil then kalenda seems to be broken.

i can use korganizer to do the same things and update my personal calendar so i guess that’s where i’m at.

if i uninstall all the PIM related stuff and delete any folders, run the apt purge command and delete any stragglers i find in .config or .cache would would likely be thorough enough, or should there be other places to look?

also i’ve reset my update preferences to LTS only, to see if that gets rid of the 23.04 update notice.

That should, but I really can’t say with full certainty. You will want to purge when removing a package (apt purge, or the appropriate options in Synaptic/Muon), afterwards would involve a manual and time consuming hunt through your system for lower level config files everywhere. But the ones you need to remove to have a clean start will all be in your $HOME, anyway.

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i’m seeing a lot of left over folders in ~/.config

but safe to say that nothing i delete from /home is going to bork my system, the worst that can happen is i lose my settings and customizations, right?

purge didn’t seem do to much.

ha, i found a fold in in there called unknown application that had akonadi stuff in it… i wonder if this was the root of my issue

i deleted anything associated with mail, kontact, korganize, kalendar, calendar and the like and will reboot once more to ensure it’s all gone

then i will just reinstall kalendar, akonadi-server, and kdepim-runtime as mentioned on the github page… fingers crossed.

uninstalling everything kontact, kalendar or akonadi related did the trick

i did need to reinstall kdepim-addons (which brings back kaddressbook) to get the integration with my clock widget, but i can now add new events to my calendar without error.

and surprisingly my exiting personal calendar is still there, i must not have got everything in my ~/.config scrub

but it’s working again, so thanks a lot for the help and steering my clear of that upgrade thing… backports is just fine for me.

Thank you for your help @claydoh. I knew you would be the expert to ask!

@skyfishgoo your bug report is still open. Could you resolve all your issues or are you back at square one?

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updated to include the resolution steps used here in case someone finds this bug report and can benefit from the same process

the command
akonadictl fsck 2>&1 | grep -iE 'found|no RID'
now shows only 3 RID errors

Found 0 external files.
Found 0 external parts.
Found no unreferenced external files.
Found 0 parts to be moved to external files
Found 0 parts to be moved to database
Collection "Search" (id: 1) has no RID.
Collection "OpenInvitations" (id: 2) has no RID.
Collection "DeclinedInvitations" (id: 3) has no RID.
Found 3 collections without RID.
Found 0 items without RID.
Found 0 dirty items.

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