Kalm: new breathing techniques app

Relax everybody, there’s a new app to help you kalm down.

Currently supported techniques:

  • 4-7-8 Breathing
  • Coordinated Breathing
  • Box Breathing
  • Box Breathing (sleep)
  • Resonant Breathing
  • Nadi Shodhana
  • Yogic Breathing


Thanks, that’s a really cool app!

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A suggestion would be to change the text and info button to white, and maybe but the info button next to the hamburger menu.
and the out animation would be nicer from top to bottom, so the opposite of in

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I feared that the colors might be an issue. The text color is from the theme but the blue isn’t. I’m not sure if white text will work properly with a light theme. Any suggestions welcome.

Where would you propose the info button? Could you create an image to show it?

The animation shall resemble your body (and nose for Nadi Shodhana). So the idea is that you breathe in from bottom to top (like filling a glas of water) and breathe out from bottom to top (like squeezing out tooth paste). Only for Yogic Breathing it’s the other way around when breathing out. However, I’m not an expert so if it should be top to bottom for one of the other techniques as well, I can of course change it.

Generally, the issues on KDE Invent are open. Feel free to leave any proposals or issues there (tracking is easier than in the comments here).

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Hi, I build Kirigami and MauiKit applications for openSUSE in my repository. If it’s possible to improve the look of Kalm, I’ll make it available for openSUSE in native rpm format.


I’ve changed the animation color to match the theme.

Do you have more suggestions how the look could be improved?

What is the default window size?

I didn’t set anything. So the same as any other application.

Maybe it might make more sense to launch it as a less intrusive corner widget, that pops up within defined intervals. Just my opinion though.

Sorry, I’ve been busy compiling MauiKit v3.0.0 and didn’t notice your answer.
Wait a minute.

Try to get inspired by well-designed apps. Look at examples, take ideas and try to adapt.

Do we need a meme for this app?

“Kalm down and Keep Kalming down” or something?

Sorry for the off-topic, I’ll go back to my cave now

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