KApplication blocks SIGPIPE

Hi @ngraham , thank you for the response.
yes, OS is CentOS 7 and KDE4, We can close this issue as i am not planning to debug the code further.

I was trying to handle the signal as i assumed that this is kdirstat application specific issue. I tried running dolphin as well , and it gets terminated with same SIGPIPE.

So , any KDE application which tries to query file system (via QT/ any other library) information seems to have been impacted as it seems that the FS information takes very long time.

Some application terminate with ICE error (kdirstat , dolphin) where as other applications take a very long time to show FS information (example - Konqueror and Kwrite’s open file dialog).

However non KDE apps like thunar , nautilus work fine.

And this is not server issue as - from another new XFCE vnc session on same server, these applications (kdirstat,etc) work fine. I assume that there is some issue with $HOME/.kde socket etc. or some helper process is malfunctioning.

I have raised a new help request here (we can mark the current one as duplicate)-

Please do let me know if any information is required from my end on this issue.