Kast issues on Linux Mint

Using Kasts 23.08.3 on Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon. Very often when I start the app it shut down almost immediately after beginning to update my subscriptions. Most times it then works fine when I start it again.
Also: The Kasts icon in the system tray sometimes only shows a white square and I can’t open the right-click menu.
Anyone else experiencing these issues?

Hi, Kasts developer here. I haven’t seen such issues myself, but it sounds like you’re hitting a bug when it crashes.

It might be good to provide some more information about the issue, so I could investigate myself. For that purpose, could you open a bug report through this link: Log in to KDE Bugtracking System?
Could you try to run Kasts with the following command QT_LOGGING_RULES=org.kde.kasts.*=true kasts or, if you’re using the flatpak, with QT_LOGGING_RULES=org.kde.kasts.*=true flatpak run org.kde.kasts

That will give you an awful lot of output on the terminal, but if you could already share the last few 100 lines when it crashes, it might already give us a clue to the cause.


I haven’t had any crashes since this post. I will report it when/if it happens again. The Kasts icon still doesn’t work but that’s a minor issue.