Kasts - Keyring keeps popping up

I installed Kasts from Flathub, and that I keep getting that “default keyring password” prompt, and it doesn’t recognize my password whatsoever. I can press cancel but it pops up every startup.

At work, I thought it was because of my recent password change (account is synced via AD/Okta). But at home, I didn’t even change my password at all.

Any idea what’s up with that?


Kasts developer here. Since you’re getting the popup, I assume that you’ve set up syncing through gpodder or gpodder-nextcloud? If you aren’t, then it sounds like a bug.

The password for the sync service is stored in your keyring if you’re running one. It’s using standard protocols (dbus) to connect to it. So the popup is actually coming from your keyring application, not Kasts itself. It indicates that the keyring is not open when you start up Kasts. Now, most DEs install a keyring application by default without most users being aware it’s there; and it should be opened by default when you log into your DE.
So, I think you would need to figure out which keyring application is responding to that request, and then figure out why it’s not opening by default when you log in.
(NB: for KDE it’s kwallet.)

If there’s no keyring running, Kasts should store the password to a file (which is clearly not very safe). You could just uninstall/deactivate all keyring applications if you don’t want to use keyrings.

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Weird that it was calling GNOME keyring instead of KWallet.

Removing GNOME keyring helped.

On my work system with Neon 22.04, I tried again, and it kept popping up.