Kasts: Sound pitch changes when playback speed is changed

Hey there,

I just installed Kasts 23.08.04 on Kubuntu 22.04 and noticed that the sound pitch changes when I change the playback speed. The settings show QT Multimedia as audio backend.
I have used Kasts on Windows before where VLC was shown as audio backend. No problem was apparent back then.

So is this a problem of the audio backend? How can I resolve it?

The release notes for Kasts 23.01 say that libvlc is selected as default audio backend if available. I’d like to try another audio backend - how do I change it? Should I install libvlc-dev or another package?

Edit: I installed libvlc-dev with sudo apt install libvlc-dev but Kasts still only offers me QT Multimedia, even after reboot.

Update: After reinstalling Kubuntu and eventually Kasts (flatpak), the issue was resolved because I can now select VLC as backend.
I am not sure why I was not able to select other audio backends before. I’m also not sure if I installed the flatpak or the snap version the first time, maybe that makes a difference?