Kate and reopening recently opened files

when kate is already open, and i go to File there is Open Recent… which works as expected.

but when kate is not open, and i right click on the Kate launcher in the task bar i also find a list of recently opened files… but they don’t launch kate, they don’t do anything.

what am i missing?

and while we are here, is there some way to have kate remember the size and location of the window so it doesn’t always open in that postage stamp sized window in the center of my main display?

Works for me on Fedora 38 KDE from the alternative (traditional?) menu.
If I pin it to the taskbar, it also works.

But if I add it to the tray, it doesn’t show the recent files.

What distro are you using? Plasma and Kate versions?

this is kubuntu right clicking on the icon in the task manager, and even if i go to kate in the app launcher and right click there, the same thing happens

i can see the list, but i cannot open the file … i t wont even open the app

the only way to load the file is open the app with a blank document and then choose the recent files from the file menu.