Kate - AppImage Release/Nightly Download links broken

The Download AppImage links from Get Kate - Kate are returning 404.


Kate_Release_appimage-centos7 Jenkins Job is missing.
Kate_Nightly_appimage-centos7 Jenkins Job is missing.

Is this as intended, and has there been a change in how the AppImage packages are built ?

I guess nobody knows the answer to this.

@Christoph_Cullmann do you have any idea on the question asked in my initial post ?

I think the issue is that at the moment there are no jobs that create this as one is in the process to move that to GitLab, not that sure who to ask about that, I only know of Draft: Migrate Craft Appimage from Jenkins (!1319) · Merge requests · Utilities / Kate · GitLab

Thanks for that info, I’ve also closed the bug report I opened.

From looking at that draft MR it seems like there are a few tweaks required to get the AppImage actually running.