Kate: autocomplete any string regardless from their context from any open buffer/document

Hey, hi!

I would like to ask if there is a possibility with a plugin/tweak/config for kate’s autocomplete to add any string from any file I have opened? Its cool that we have LSPs and all but when working with multiple files opened with multiple languages (eg. PHP and Js and CoffeScript and twig and yml and…) and I know I want to refer to I dunno a json key that is filled in PHP and want to read it client side and I was just editing the previous file yet autocomplete does not list the string as an option.

Can this be done? For context I am using Kubuntu 23.10, so Kate 23.08.1

Kate currently offers auto-complete for any (long enough) string in the current document (configure by going to SettingsEditingAuto Completion).

Adding the option of completing from any open document might be a nice feature to have - I suggest you go to bugs.kde.org and open a “wishlist” request.