Kate does not function properly after system suspend

Hello All

On my computer, Kate does not ‘recover’ properly from a system suspend.

After my system goes to sleep, when it ‘wakes up’ kate seems frozen for a few minutes before I can use it again. When it is responding, the logo/icons/text in any of the menu/title bars are completely gone. The buttons are still in place and seem to work but they are all blank.
While Kate is responding, some actions seem to cause it to temporarily freeze again. Saving in particular causes this.
When it freezes, it can be stuck for 1 - 10 minutes at a time.

Does anyone else experience this?

I am using the snap:
snap-id: AhMXNopXhzZ7XDMS9mZ2H2G40U3h3SkR
tracking: latest/stable
refresh-date: 2023-12-12

OS details:
OS: Ubuntu 23.10 x86_64
Host: OptiPlex 7050
Kernel: 6.5.0-27-generic
Uptime: 22 hours, 23 mins
Packages: 2345 (dpkg), 71 (snap)
Shell: bash 5.2.15
Resolution: 2560x1440
WM: sway
Terminal: kitty
CPU: Intel i5-7600 (4) @ 4.100GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon HD 8830M / R7 250 / R7 M465X
Memory: 14637MiB / 31950MiB