Kate highlight plugin

What I would really love to see - or, if it already exists and I didn’t know about it - is a Kate plugin that will let me highlight multiple sequences of characters.

Kate has this great behavior that when you select a section of text, it will highlight with a yellow background any occurrence of that sequence in other places in the editor - the same as you get when using the “find” function, but without needing to actually press CTRL+F.

I love this behavior, but I would like to be able to highlight multiple sequences and have them persist until I remove them, with different colors - this will really help me when I’m analyzing very large log files.

I found a simple “extension” to the “highlight selected text” behavior - if I select something then do “replace” (CTRL+R) but without doing anything with the replace panel, then the selected “text to replace” is persistently highlighted and I can now select another sequence to be “ad-hoc highlighted”, so I can have two different sequences highlighted - but unfortunately using the same color.


While it does not solve the different color problem you can highlight any number of pattern using the find (CTRL+F) tool, and setting the mode to regular expression. Then you can select them like this:

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