Kate how to adapt rainbow colors for braces in code highlighting

How can I modify the rainbow colors used for highlighting braces in c++ source code so that all become visible with the breeze-light theme? The following shows the problem I am having:

Code shown in breeze-light

Same area shown in a dark theme (Atom One dark)

Would removing some rc files be of help? If so, which ones?

This is with Kate 22.12.3, KF 5.103.0 and Qt 5.15.8 on a stock openSUSE Leap 15.5. BTW, KDevelop on the same system works just fine.

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You can customize bracket colors in Kate settings → Colored Brackets


Thanks, that did the trick. Now I wonder, why I did not spot that myself because I though I was looking at all settings up and down and did not spot it. Time for new glasses I think :smiley: