Kate - Konsole plugin sync with ssh

hi everybody,

i configured some ssh connections with fish in dolphin. when opening the terminal plugin in dolphin, it cd to the kio mount in /run.

with kate when using the file system plugin and the terminal plugin this don’t work. when open a file with the file system plugin on a fish kio mount, the terminal errors with
### Zum Ordner „“ kann nicht gewechselt werden

i don’t know how the error will look in english, but it basically means "cannot change to folder „“ "

how to get this work, or did i find a bug?

thanks for the help

I am trying to guess here: Dolphin uses KIO-FUSE, meaning it actually creates an ephemeral mount point from which the terminal can access the file. Kate, on the other hand, uses KIO to access the file, so the terminal has no mountpoint to go to?

Maybe I can try to reproduce the issue on my setup.

yes, thats what i mean.

of course it would be much better to connect directly with kate using ssh, like visual studio code. but i don’t think thats possible at all.

but with kio-fuse its second best.

In these situations I tend to use sshfs. You can get occasional hiccups (like Dolphin briefly freezing because of the remote filesystem timeouts) but at least you get a consistent way of accessing the remote filesystem. My experience with KIO fish / sftp has been a bit inconsistent in the past.

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