Kate: manipulating file location from within kate [[1 day old to KDE kate]]

I am using kate 23.08.0 on windows 10
The Filesystem panel in the side sidebar isn’t allowing me to drag and drop the files from one folder to another. The file seems to follow the cursor but when dropping into another folder nothing happens.(dragging and dropping files to the editor works fine).

I have briefly read the online kate handbook(on filesystem Browser and project plugin) and nothing is written about rearranging files and folders. But since there seems to be basic file management (for both Filesystem and project browser), I am praying hard that this is just a bug or a feature I overlooked.

Since this plugin calles “filesystem browser” I wouldn’t be surprised if file operations are not implemented. It is neither working for me on Linux. There are a lot of way to open a real file manager in kate where I can do all my file management tasks. But some basic file management can be handy I suppose. You can always open a feature request, or contribute. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of way to open a real file manager in kate where I can do all my file management tasks.

could you please provide instruction on how it is done.

I would love to contribute but I am not skilled enough. I also don’t really understand how the KDE projects are being managed, i.e, where the repos are, how are things being communicated, etc.

Right click on the tab of the document → Open containing folder
The same menu is available in the filesystem browser panel as well as in the document panel.
This “Open cotnaining folder” is actually an internal action, which means you can associate a keyboard shortcut (Settings → Configure Keyboard Shortcuts) or put it into the toolbar. (Right click on toolbar → Configure toolbar)
There is also an integrated terminal where you can do anything. :slight_smile: Sometimes I open Midnight Commander (a console file manager) in Kate’s integrated terminal to do stuff, but on Windows this probably not really an option.


I am aware of the first method. However thanks for the terminal file manger. Sounds interesting.