Kate: Nevertheless

It might seem like a trivial or superficial observation, but I am absolutely tickled that this dialog says “Close Nevertheless”. It’s so accurate and whimsical and I don’t expect to get something so human from a piece of software. More of this sort of thing, please.


I don’t see it as whimsical, I see it as accurate.

It’s much better than simply saying “OK”. I’ve hit the “OK” button many times without carefully reading the message, only to discover that it did the opposite of what I intended, resulting in, at best, a mild annoyance, or at worst, data loss. Even worse, sometimes I didn’t discover right away that what had happened wasn’t what I wanted to happen… :rofl:

The fact that the button says exactly what will be done, even if it is slightly verbose, is certainly a plus in my book.


I suppose I said whimsical because there are so many more boring ways to do it like “Discard” or “Close Anyway”. “Nevertheless” has a sense of, well, something mildly alarming has happened that we didn’t quite anticipate - alas - but we can proceed if we want to. I love that this precise sentiment got captured in a button.


Indeed, 'tis a good button. :grin:

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Makes me happy that people can enjoy the little things in life :slight_smile:

If you have any (good) ideas, feel free to suggest them!


Much like the overall KDE experience, it is verbose and specific enough to be precise, so you know what you’re doing, while maintaining some level of flair =)

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I love it when people point at things (especially minor things) they love about software (and not just complain about things they don’t like). More of this sort of thing, please :yum: