Kate not reading the backend

My Kate refuses to accept any spellchecking library:

I also tried hunspell, and have Sonnet installed as well.

What has come to my attention, is that none of that is specified in the package description.
I already sent an email to the respective package list, but is it required to include them at build time, for it to work?

I am on Arch Linux.

hunspell works for me on Arch. I have not tried the others.

Do you still have hunspell installed?
pacman -Qqs hunspell

I’m not sure what you mean with that.

>> pacman -Qqs hunspell
>> hunspell-de

No backend and no Sonnet are specified in the depends.
I assume this might have to be built with them in the makedepend, in order to work?

I think you need not only hunspell-de but also the hunspell package.

[duha@archlinux ~]$ pacman -Qqs hunspell
[duha@archlinux ~]$

Try installing sudo pacman -S hunspell

I also do have that.

(Although I do question, why hunspell-de has hunspell only as optional dep.)

Also, see my initial screenshot: Nuspell is a drop in replacement for Hunspell.
Its an alternative (faster) implementation.

I opened a bugreport.

I see. It looked like you didn’t. Please post all the output of the commands, so people don’t have to guess.

Agree. I saw that too that’s why I thought this is the issue.

Sorry I didn’t know that.

Since we are both on Arch and have the same packages installed I don’t know how to proceed from here.

Possibly create a new test user. I doubt you have a config issue. But as a last resort maybe try it?

For reference I think this is your bug report? But this says Garuda not Arch?: 476099 – Nuspell and Enchant not recognized

My fault, I did not have hunspell installed, I could swear it was.
Anyway, it works now. Still not working for nuspell and enchant, I opened an issue:


Thanks a lot with your help :slight_smile:

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Thanks I will try to reproduce. Looks like a bug or missing feature.

Please mark this thread as solved if you are satisfied with the answers here. Lets do the rest in the bug report!

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