Kate or kdevelop: Lua indentation doesn't work in the latest versions

I’ve been using Kate on kubuntu for at least 8 years,
I’m using kate to develop a small open source game.
I mainly use the Lua language.
Everything has always been perfect, the problem seems to me to have started after upgrading from kubuntu 20.04 to kubuntu 22.04 which is where I am now.
I can’t get Lua indentation to work.
In the menu: tools->indentation->Lua (and many other languages) are gone.
Anyone else having the same problem? or similar?
Can you offer me a solution? or at least an explanation as to what happened? Has it been decided to remove support for the Lua language? weird why the highlighting works!
Anyway, thanks for the help, feel free to write down any clues or similar problems you know of!