Kate SQL Plugin

How can I install a plugin for databases/SQL queries ? I can not generally understand how someone can install a plugin :frowning:

This page shows the options for usage of the Kate SQL Plugin.
In order to activate the plugin, I did this:

  • Started KATE without a document
  • Menu: Settings > KATE Settings OR SHIFT+CTRL+, (Press and hold SHIFT and CTRL, touch the comma ,)
  • Choose “Modules”
  • Check the line “SQL-Module” to YES.

Hope, this works for you, too.
Regards, Michael

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There is no Modules but Plugins. I do not see SQL Module in my case

Sorry for the naming, I’m using the German Language:

and Version 23.08.5. May be your version is older? How did you install it?

I have the latest Kate 24.02.0 Version in KDE 6.0.1

For me this looks like a bug: With my version there is this file installed:
Looking at the newer version from ARCH, I don’t find the SQL plugin.
May be, it’s worth to file a bug?

I think it got deprecated, I do not find the katesql.so file

and here: use QT 6.5 deprecation level · KDE/kate@48fed34 · GitHub

Do we have any other infos please ?