Kate switching window size to default

I noticed, that when my monitor configuration changes (I have different second monitors at home and at work), kate always reduces the window size when it is first started with a changed monitor setup. Both secondary monitors btw. are of the same brand and model just connected through different interfaces (HDMI vs. USB-C and extension box).

What can be done to keep the last window size for kate? I don’t see this behavior in other KDE apps.

This is a known issue at the moment. Should affect other QtWidgets based KDE apps as well like Dolphin and Konsole. I need to fix it. The bug is somewhere in here: src/gui/kwindowconfig.cpp · master · Frameworks / KConfig · GitLab.

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Oh great! This should also fix SystemSettings, then. :slight_smile:

Is there any news on this? It’s a bit annoying that I have to resize that small Kate window every time I open a new window.