Kate terminal as an editor tab?

I would like to do in Kate the same I can do in vscode: have the terminal window as an editor tab.

This is not the same as having the terminal “aside” of the editor tabs (move to right).

In the first case I can see a full-window terminal when I select the tab, while in the second case I always see the terminal eating some screen real estate from all the tabs.

Moreover, as a tab, I can have multiple full-window terminals.

Is there a way to do this?

In case you asked, I really want to ditch vscode in favor of Kate.


As nobody answers this…

This won’t answer your question, although it may be useful:

  • Maybe someone wants to go to bugs.kde.org, fill a “bug report” and set it to “wishlist”.
  • Tip: If you press Ctrl+Shift+T in the embedded Konsole of Kate, you get more Konsole tabs.