Kate + Wayland, how to open different documents on different virtual desktops?


I usually work with different virtual desktops, I open different files with kate on different virtual desktops, but with wayland I don’t find how to open the files on each desktop, in fact, I can’t open a file on each desktop, every files are open with the same kate on a desktop.

No problem with x11 session, I open the file I need on a desktop, and son on with the other files on the other virtual desktops.

Try to pen a file on a virtual desktop with kate with wayland, next try to open an other file on a second virtual desktop with kate, the second file will be open on the first desktop with kate, and so on, not practice

Only solution found, right click on the second open document tab and select “detach document”

Thanks for your answer.

Edit 1) In my case, when I open files with Kate on different virtual desktops, Wayland groups all the Kate windows into a single instance. Therefore, when I open another file, it is grouped with the existing instance of Kate instead of creating a new separate instance on another virtual desktop.

Edit 2) I note some improvement with the command kate --new file1.txt on each virtual desktop

ok, I tested kwrite, it solve the kate “issue”

How to enable tabs with kwrite ?

edit 1) the simple way is to open the second file with “open file” and a second tab appear on kwrite. kwrite is not kate…

I’m not sure why you get different behavior between X11 and wayland (I don’t), but Kate’s behavior has changed in the last few releases - and personally I think mostly for better.

As per the issue of opening documents in a new window:

  • if you start Kate from the command line, you can use kate -n FILE to open the file in a new Kate window.
  • if you want that by default every file will open in its own Kate window, you can go to Kate Settings → Configure Kate → Behavior, and set “Open each document in its own windows”.
  • If you want to sometimes from Dolphin to open in a new window and sometimes in existing window - you can create a service menu, as documented here to do the non-default thing.
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BTW - the “tab support in KWrite” feature is actually MR692 which basically removed kwrite as its own thing, and now kwrite is just “Kate, just simple by default (powerful when needed?)”

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So, I use kde wayland as delay graphic plateform since 2 weeks now, I’m really enjoy with it, it solve some old issue.

The only issue I encounter is Kate, see above, no issue like kate with the other kde software and wayland, no issue like kate with the no kde softwares I used daily with wayland.

Congratulation to the dev for the good work :slight_smile: