KCalc and Random numbers

I am trying to generate random numbers from a range with KCalc, that is the calculator [NOT LIbreoffice] .
I can’t find any button or mode. The help file mentions RAND but I can’t type that in KCalc or see any RAND button. Yes, I know that I can go online and find a site. But I want to do this with a KDE calculator.

It would be easy with any physical calculator.

I’m not sure where you got your info from (a link will be appreciated), but as far as I can tell there’s no random number generation functionality in kcalc. I’ve reviewed the source code and there’s nothing about random numbers in there.

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Well, if I open up KCalc and go to help and open the handbook and type random I get:

Search Results for ‘random’:
Application Manuals
gwenview - Full Screen Modes
kapman - Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips
okular - Presentation
kcontrol/icons - Icons
kinfocenter - Memory Information Module
kcontrol/windowbehaviour - Window Behavior
kcontrol/windowspecific - Attributes
UNIX manual pages
RAND(7ssl) - the OpenSSL random generator
bup-damage(1) - randomly destroy blocks of a file
bup-random(1) - generate a stream of random output
drand48(3) - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
drand48_r(3) - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers r…
erand48(3) - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
erand48_r(3) - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers r…
EVP_RAND(7ssl) - the random bit generator
EVP_RAND-SEED-SRC(7ssl) - The randomness seed source EVP_RAND implementation
File::RandomAccess(3pm) - Random access reads of sequential file or scalar

That’s where I got the impression that KCalc could generate random numbers
:RAND(7ssl) - the OpenSSL random generator
But if it can’t well, OK. Thank you.

The search from the khelp application searches all documentation for all software on your computer, not just kcalc - the results you listed include results from the Glenview image viewer application (I think it had a random slideshow mode), Kapman game (the boards are randomly generated), Okular document viewer application (not sure where it needs randomness) and some development libraries.

If you want to use a KDE application to generate random numbers, you may want to take a look at Calligra Sheets - it has several functions that deal with random number generation: